The REBIRTH (Maxi Single)

by Flo & Checho

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The first single from upcoming album, FLUENT.

I grew up listening to De La Soul, A Tribe Called Quest, Digable Planets, Common, and the Roots. I dreamed of being a part of the Native Tongues. Checho & I linked up with a goal of creating a project that would honor classic hip-hop & show its evolution. FLUENT is the realization of that dream. Enjoy!


We be to rap what key be to lock

It’s the rebirth of the rebirth of slick

Verse 1

I'm getting what I'm getting while the getting is good/
I'm from the south where we ride slow gripping the wood/
In the slab, bumping screw while we gripping the grain/
In candy paint, big body barely fit in the lane
It's Mic Flo psycho, you know the kid is insane/
Man… Flo smoother than a pimp with a cane/
I got dough but I don't care about a whip a chain/
I'm with my pops talking about dipping to Spain/
See having fun is my only particular aim/
How I'm Forgetting the pain & uplifting my brain
Til' all the drama's forgotten like Caligula's reign/
I been rapping for years, not spitting for fame/
& man, not getting the fame it isn't a shame/
Because we're making fine art put this in a frame/
So Checho sent this and asked ya boy FLEEZY to rock/
Cuz... we be to rap what key be to lock/


Cuz I'm cool like that/
Make you chill like that/
and you vibe like that/
cuz I Flo like that/


It's Nigel Black...
With the kinda track that makes you ask “Where the fire at?”/
Haters fire at you and you don't fire back/
Cuz your minds at peace and your applying that/
I'm on the beach chillin where them folks retire at/
But I won't retire from from rap there's no denying that/
Whenl life reads the riot act
Get in the La-Z-Boy recline it back/
Forget about white and black/ and all the time you lack/
& enjoy the peace... Desire that/
I'm in my girl’s BMW… Farhvednugen/
Fresh from the sto’ now I'm home barbecuing/
sipping on that blood & honey from Revolver brewing/
Flo & Checho’s bumpin’ how’s ya life not improving/
Especially when they got that bass & we got em moving
From the pool to the tub that's hot and soothing
I got a Romeo and Juliet, not a Cuban/
This is how to relax on wax, let it start perfusing…


Cuz I'm peace like that/
When life's a beast like that/
I just vibe like that/
As I Flo like that/


We be to rap what key be to lock/
We be to rap what key be to lock/
We be to rap what key be to lock/
& when I get started its not easy to stop/


We be to rap what key be to lock/
& when I get started its not easy to stop/
I’ma ill poet like Dub.E.B. Dubois/
Got mad brainpower, man I’m beastly with thought/
SPIT FIRE! the child of Khaleesi and ‘Pac
& I got more rhymes than BC has pot/
So TURN IT UP when you beating the block/
Like a juggernaut or a wild beast in a shop/
Might blow up but not easy to pop/
Cuz um… to truly live I gotta reach to the top/
& score like Harden releasing a shot/
So give me the damn ball, feed me the rock/
Know you’re tired of the wack, that’s what we see a lot/
But I don’t care who’s receiving the props
I’m the lyrical assassin who you need me to drop/
Life’s bout more than the cheese and the guac/
Cuz even broke, honeys like "Fleezy is hot."
So she see the show & she be in the shock/
She backstage hoping that “At least we can talk.”
Cuz I got her ready like drinking Rieslings at dark/


We be to rap what key be to lock/
We be to rap what key be to lock/
We be to rap what key be to lock/
& when I get started its not easy to stop/


Cuz I'm the puba of the styles like Miles you know/
So cool when I spool out my style of flo/
I stay true to the roots ... So I'm bound to grow/
& every single bar I lay down I show


Vibe out…


released February 10, 2017

- produced by CHECHO
- Lyrics written by Mic Flo

ThE REbirth (on-Emix)
- produced by on-E
- Lyrics written by Mic Flo

The Edge (Remix)
- produced by CHECHO
- Lyrics written by Karina Nistal & Mic Flo

Artwork by CHECHO



all rights reserved


Mic Flo Ohio

Mic Flo exquisitely develops rhymes ranging from young, comedic arrogance to the mature, introspective uncertainty of independence. In his projects, he explores controversial issues as he searches to find himself and his calling. However, as serious as the topics become Mic never fails to maintain his sense of humor and wit. As a result, he wins people of all cultures over with his charm. ... more

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